Community Bible Experience


Read Big

Community Bible Experience starts with a 40-day journey through the New Testament. Reading five days a week, around 12 pages a day, you’ll experience every word. We’ll send you a short video each day before you read, helping you connect with the stories, characters, and teachings of the Bible.

Read Real

We’ve designed a Bible that lets you experience Scripture as it was meant to be read—less like a reference book, more like a story. There are no chapter and verse numbers, no cross-references, no red letter. The Books of the Bible restores the text to a more authentic presentation, helping you see Scripture in its original context and uncover its original beauty.

Read Together

This is not like any other Bible study you’ve done because it’s not a Bible study. It’s more like a book club. There are no workbooks to fill out. No fill-in-the-blank answers to easy questions. Instead, groups gather once a week simply to discuss, ponder, and reflect together.

How it works

Community Bible Experience has one simple goal: change the way churches engage the Bible. Less like a reference book, more like a story. For many churches, our 8-week reading plan opens up a whole new conversation about Scripture and reignites a passion for its story.

What's included

Community Bible Experience has everything you need to read big: print and digital editions of The Books of the Bible for each participant, daily videos, resources for kids and families, and tools to help you plan and promote your campaign.

The Books of the Bible for each participant

Every participant receives a bookmark with the reading plan with their copy of The Books of the Bible. Participants using a digital version can follow the reading plan as well.

40-day Bible reading plan

There are 5 readings every week. For our New Testament campaign, each is around 12 pages long. The exact length varies slightly because each reading ends at a natural stopping point—the end of a book or at a natural section break within a book.

Discussion groups

Community Bible Experience welcomes everyone—from longtime churchgoers to the spiritually curious—into a fresh, open conversation about the Bible.

Community Bible Experience isn’t built on traditional Bible study methods. There’s no need to “manage” the conversation or coax people into sharing. That’s because when you invite your church to read big— 12 pages a day, 5 days a week—people come ready to share.

Ignite a renewal in your church

Nothing is more important to church vitality—and personal spiritual growth—than a deep, sustained connection with the Bible. Yet most of us barely read the Bible outside of church. And most churchgoers say they don’t get the help they need connecting deeply with the Scriptures.

Supporting Materials

Participants get a downloadable reader’s guide with the 40-day reading plan, tips for reading, advice for making the most of small group gatherings, and more.

Leaders can download a group leader’s guide with tips for guiding a book club-style conversation, week-by-week discussion guides with notes on what to watch for in each week’s reading, and more.

For pastors and leaders
We provide everything you need to plan and promote your Community Bible Experience campaign.

Pastor’s planning guide
This guide includes an overview of Community Bible Experience, a step-by-step planning checklist, and more.

New Testament reading campaign

Launch Community Bible Experience at your church.

For information: [email protected]

When you sign up to for more information about Community Bible Experience, we’ll send you a preview of the reading campaign. In addition, one of our Community Bible Experience specialists will get in touch to answer any questions you have.

Community Bible Experience is a ministry of Biblica Canada. We are hard at work to help people access and experience God’s Word, so it can transform their lives.

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