Ministries supported by Biblica Canada

We are focused on 4 main ministry areas

Doulos Ministries

The Doulos Ministries team has been working with and serving the Cree communities of Northern Quebec since 2001, organizing youth camps each summer and providing resources, mentoring and support to pastors and children’s and youth ministry leaders. To learn more about Doulos and their impact in the community, click here.

Doulos Ministries Cree leaders

la Chapelle

La Chapelle was founded in 2013 and frequently produces training content for its participants. With Biblica’s support, la Chapelle produced a series of French videos entitled “Comprendre la Bible [Understanding the Bible]” which was shared with its community of over 3000 people as well as with a large number of French-speaking churches around the world. To find out more about la Chapelle’s training materials, click here.

Étude "Comprendre la Bible"

Canadian Baptist Ministries

Canadian Baptist Ministries is a global mission organization committed to sharing God’s love in word and deed. The organization believes that God can heal a broken world through local churches. With over 140 years of experience, CBM has seen that words and deeds work together with the Christian community to witness God’s transforming grace. In partnership with local churches and organizations, CBM seeks to bring hope, healing and reconciliation to all people.

Community Bible Experience

The Community Bible Experience is a program that Biblica created to bring together groups of participants for a Bible study. With more of a Bible-centred book club feel than a traditional Bible study, this new kind of program format allows groups to meet once a week to discuss and reflect together. In this way, participants continue an open and honest conversation about the Bible.
Group reading the Bible and praying together

Share God's Word

When you support Bible ministry around the globe, you are helping reach people groups who have never before had access to scripture.